Spanish Country Spotlight: Colombia

Colombia is a large nation, approximately double the size of Spain in regards to the size. With an area approximately the size of the state of Delaware, it has around 6 million people inhabiting it.

Its inhabitants are a mix of Native American and European blood. But the country is much more diverse than that. On the Caribbean coast, there is a large number of African inhabitants. In the center of the country, there are a lot more European and Mestizo people. The south, however, contains mainly indigenous people.

Bogotá is a city with a high elevation, the weather is cooler than the coastline. Credits: Web

In terms of geography, there is a part of the country which has the Andes Mountains, the largest continental mountain range in the world. Climate high up can get cold and misty to the point that there is a lot of hail. However, the Northern part of the country has a hot and tropical Caribbean coast. This variety of climates makes the country extremely diverse in people, weather, and even some ways of thinking.

Spanish spoken in Colombia is also known throughout the world as being very neutral with a unique and easy accent to understand. Many people flock to the country to learn Spanish and improve their Spanish speaking skills, not to mention also visit its tourist spots.

Colombians are a very diverse group of people. Source: Web

Vamonos a conocer Colombia!

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