San José is the capital of Costa Rica

Spanish Country Spotlight: Costa Rica

A country nestled between Panama and Nicaragua, Costa Rica is well known all over the world for its natural beauty and enchanting nature. In fact, many people from all over the planet go to this small Central American country to study Spanish. Costa Rican Spanish is characterized by having a neutral accent that is easy to understand; furthermore, it is very eloquent. The country is also very popular for ecotourism and places like beaches and mountains. Costa Ricans take care of their nature passionately which also adds to the appeal of tourism and people wanting to visit the country.

It is worth noting, that Spanish from Costa Rica is typically regarded as the “best sounding accent of Central America.” They do not speak loud and typically not so much low-life vocabulary, this is what is said by many of the Central American neighbors.

Such words and phrases that are used in Costa Rica include: “pura vida,” which means “all is good.” Another popular one is “mae” which means “brother or friend.” So you one can say “pura vida mae” (all good friend) or “como estas mae” (how are you friend).

Next time you visit this Central American country, remember to polish your Spanish language skills by adapting these phrases. ¡Costa Rica es pura vida mae!

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