Our Vision and Mission


To facilitate EASY online Language learning and to educate.


To promote the integration of the world through language learning and cultural interaction.

Why Fantasia School

At least half of the world’s population is bilingual! We are a language school that aims at helping you develop confidence and unleash your ability to become bilingual or even multilingual! Our team is comprised of native speakers of both English, French and Spanish. Our Teaching techniques are more learner-centered than teacher-centered, giving you an opportunity to take control of your learning process. We guide and you take lead. Your progress is what matters to us!

Our teachers are a highly qualified team with diverse international teaching experiences from different parts of the world. We are lovers of Languages and we love what we do- TEACHING!


Founder & CEO, Pauline Mwendwa.

“Teaching and helping other people learn feels like home to me, it helps me learn. As a self-taught Spanish speaker, I owe my students who I am today. I am a graduate from Kenyatta University with a Bachelor’s degree of Education, English/Literature combination. My TEFL certification at The University of Toronto, enhanced my prowess as a Teacher of English as a Foreign Language. My teaching qualification is certified  by the Teachers Service Commission of Kenya. As an educator my desire is to make learning process fulfilling and enjoyable.”

Aimara Miramontes, Spanish Teacher

“I have a bachelor’s degree in Teaching Foreign Languages from the University of Colima. I have 10 years of experience teaching English to students from all levels and ages. I have been teaching online for four and half years. I love teaching Spanish very well as the Spanish culture. I will be delighted to help your new adventure. I’m ready to do my best. I hope you are too!” 
Naomi SUSA, French Teacher

“Teaching French to me is as natural to me as fish in water…Having spoken French for the last 17 years, the joy of walking with a student from the first word “Bonjour” in A1 to their final class in C1 is unexplainable!
French is a language that is shaping the business transactions of the world and how continents engage each other. You want to conquer the world? Come… let’s learn French!”
Rene Eduardo Pinilla, Spanish Teacher

“I am passionate about teaching my language. Spanish is one of the most important languages in the world today and I feel great when I share it with others. Living in the United States, I have seen first hand how its use grows day by day. Many characteristics of Spanish are evolving but the foundations remain. Excited to start the learning journey with all of you!”
Ebby Ndinda, English Teacher

“Hola! Como estan!
My desire to learn various languages has run me up against varieties of them! As a Bachelors of Education Arts graduate with English and Literature combination from Kenyatta University, I hold a teaching license certified  by the Teacher Service Commission of Kenya. Within my 5 years of both local and international teaching experiences, the opportunities that I’ve had, interacting with learners from all walks of life have diversified my approach as a teacher of English. My number one objective is to always create an excellent learning environment and to help my students to learn and improve their English abilities.”

Marlene Correa, Spanish and English Teacher

Teaching is a passion I have always developed and enjoyed. Since I was a little girl being a teacher was something I knew I would be. One day a wonderful teacher inspired me to be a language teacher and ever since I’ve been doing this hoping to be like that old teacher I met.
I hold a Pedagogy Bachelor’s Degree, plus a TKT, a TESOL, and the CENNI as well. But all these papers are only proof of the many hours I have spent in the classroom.
As a very playful teacher my classes are as well: games, activities, songs, races, teams, laughs, and knowledge are some of the many things that are always in my groups.
For me being a teacher is part of my essence, just part of myself.