Conversation Clubs or Travelling?

Learning a new language can be exciting and a daunting process at the same time. The excitement of being able to say the same thing in a different language is an ultimate motivator. But what happens when you are all set and good to go then boom! no more interest? The first few days can feel like acquiring any other new skill, say SKATING for example. All pumped up and very sure to hack it. I have been there before. Online classes, YouTube videos, duolingo… you name it. Then a very learned and a well travelled friend suggested that I need to travel to a place where the language is predominantly used. Good idea, right?

But then, flight, accommodation, upkeep and even breathing out there needs money. I have a job, a have a family and a dog to take care of. What happens to them when I am out there busy learning German in Germany? How do I survive there? Do I even have a passport? I mean, this is not practical. It might sounds very enticing but how practical is it? Might be applicable for some people but not for me and a few others.

Then I came across this thing called immersion/conversation club! You see, according to Stephen Krashen, second language acquisition entails 2 very crucial steps. Input and output as elaborated here:

With step one, you will listen to podcast, watch YouTube video and even read physical books and blogs. However, this translates to a total waste of time if there is no output. Literally zero progress if you aren’t practicing the language. There are a few ways you can practice your new skill. You can speak to people yes, but how many people are familiar with the language in your circle? You could write yes, but who will help you with grammar mistakes you are bound to make?

I have found solace in conversation clubs. Real time online conversations with real people. Conversations with other learners who challenge you to be better. Even better, what feels better than flaunting your fluency in a conversation club. You are even luckier to join a conversation club where the moderator is a native speaker. You are set for best of both worlds. You get the exact accent and a whole lot of cultural exchange experience!

If you’ve been wondering when you will ever travel to Spain or Mexico to learn Spanish then wonder no more! Joint Fantasia School Conversation club Donde tu si puedes; ¡Donde tu conversacion fluye!

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