Spanish Country Spotlight: Ecuador

Ecuador is a medium-sized nation in South America with an incredible history that dates back to the indigenous times. The Inca Empire spanned what is currently the nation of Ecuador which has contributed to its rich history and culture.  

The inhabitants of the Andean nation are a mix of Native American and European blood. Near the coastline, there is a strong influence of Afro-Ecuadorians. The country is indeed very diverse. Geography-wise, there are a lot of mountains in the country given that the Andes run through it. However, there is also a very tropical feel when one visits the cities on the coastline. The famous Galapagos Islands are known throughout the world and are a major attraction of the country.

Quito is a city in Ecuador high up in the mountains. Credits: web

Spanish is spoken in Ecuador with a very neutral accent which is pleasant to listen to. Andean people are usually soft-spoken and a lot more reserved that their Caribbean counterparts. Ecuador does offer a lot of tourists and international students to study in one of their many Spanish language schools. The cities of Quito and Guayaquil are sure to blow your mind while you study the Spanish language.

Galapagos Islands are famous around the world. Source: web
Galapagos Islands are famous around the world. Source: web
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