Spanish Country Spotlight: Guatemala

Guatemala is one of the most unique countries in the Central American region given its pluricultural and diverse background. Alongside Bolivia, Guatemala is one of the countries with the most indigenous diversity on the continent. Around half of the population claims Native American ancestry, especially Mayan.

Kak'ik is a traditional Guatemalan soup made of turkey and spices. Credits: René Pinilla
Kak’ik is a traditional Guatemalan soup made of turkey and spices. Credits: René Pinilla

One of the best destinations to learn Spanish is in the city of Antigua, Guatemala. Thanks to the cultural uniqueness of the country, a lot of foreigners flock to this nation and learn Spanish while being immersed with the people. Moreover, Spanish spoken in Guatemala is very neutral, slow, and has a very understandable accent for students who want to learn.

The geography of Guatemala features a variety of lakes. Credits: René Pinilla

The geography of Guatemala is diverse as it has a variety of flora, fauna, and climates. Some of the departments (the equivalent of “states”) can be cold and misty given the altitude, while others are much more humid and hot. Demographically, the country is composed mostly of mestizos and Native Americans (especially descendants of indigenous people). Additionally, there is impressive architecture to visit where the pyramids of the ancestral Mayans still stand. If you are into history, food, and culture, make sure to visit this country. Your Spanish learning will be a blast. ¡Vámonos!

The Mayans build impressive architecture as depicted here with the pyramids. Credits: René Pinilla
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