Spanish Country Spotlight: Honduras

A country that is worth noting, is Honduras, located in Central America. The country borders Nicaragua to the south and El Salvador and Guatemala to the north. Historically, it was also part of the first Mexican Empire which included the nations of Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and, of course, Honduras.

Hondurans are mestizo people as a majority. Source: Web

The Spanish from Honduras is typically regarded as one that has roots in southern Spain. However, their intonation is very loud and most people speak very fast. Such words and phrases that are used in Honduras include: “maje”, which means “friend.” People also use “cheque” to mean, “great”. Honduras has many tourist attractions, especially those that have to do with its Mayan heritage. Ruins such as Copan are well known around the world and it’s an archeological site that is worth visiting.

Honduras has a lot of indigenous parts source

Demographically, the people are of mixed Native American and Spanish origin (mestizos). The majority of the population is descendent of this group. Other ethnic groups include Chinese, Arabs, Jewish, and Garifuna people. It’s definitely worth visiting to learn about its unique accent and the rich indigenous heritage. It’s definitely a destination to go explore if you want to have a taste of its indigenous and Spanish past.

Vamos a viajar!

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